Akta organizacji społecznych
Wiesława Kwiatkowska, Ogólny model opracowania zasobu archiwalnego a porządkowanie akt organizacji społecznych, w: Archeion, t. 113, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2012, ss. 133-142. Wydawnictwo dostępne w postaci elektronicznej na stronie NDAP.
Streszczenie artykułu w języku angielskim: "Wiesława K w i a t k o w s k a , A General Model of Processing Archival Collections and Collationof Social Organisations’ Records. The article shows specific problems characteristic of the collationof social organisations’ records. As a basis, archivists may use a general model of processing archivecollections which was formed in the early days of Polish archival science, and developed and supplementedover the following years. The model is founded on principle of provenience determiningthe activities undertaken, and, as a consequence, the method of fonds reconstruction is applied. Whenprocessing archival materials of social organisations, an archivist encounters difficulties at almost allstages of his/her work: preliminary studies, division and aggregation of fonds, document disposal,selection of a collation method, proper collation, cataloguing, working on an introduction to the catalogueand other aids. The problems mainly arise out of the condition of a particular office andrecords produced there. It refers to those associations in the case of which there was no organisedoffice and files are created provisionally, inconsistently and have no logical layout. In such situations,the principle of the office of origin which determines optimal methods of collating records becomesless important. Deciding to apply a particular solution, an archivist has to step in the role of a writerand only a good knowledge of regulatory environment, organisations, functions, all forms of operationand documents produced then may bring optimal results."   Źródło: Archeion, t. 113 
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