Katarzyna Pepłowska, Najnowsze trendy w..., w: Archeion, T. 121, wyd.  NDAP, 2020, s. 372-420   The aim of the article is to present the latest achievements of the world archival science and draw attention to academic achievements, projects, problems and challenges which were discussed by the international archive community at Designing the Archive 2019, a conference of the International Council on Archives which took place in October 2019 in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. Designing archives is not only the main topic of the conference, but also a trend which has become visible in direct actions taken by archives. It generates certain problems and challenges for archives, but also gives them opportunities to grow. Since the article refers in particular to innovations in archives, it discusses solutions adopted e.g. in Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United States and Australia, and refers also to Costa Rica and China, paying particular attention to innovative working methods in archives, which make use of experiments to design ICT tools, inspire creativity in archive employees and develop IT tools in harmony with people’s needs and expectations, which in practice results in developing special theme applications. The article also makes a reference to the latest research in designing and using the space of archive buildings, as well as designing research laboratories and the public space to satisfy the needs of 21st century users and attract new ones. The article also discusses the role of marketing and digital economy in the functioning of archives in this context. New trends in the world archival science are also silent archives and research on archive trauma, whose foundation is a new approach towards judging the value of documentation, popular in the United States and based on the feminist approach. Silent archives are a difficult subject, but international research shows that archivists meet the needs of the oppressed.
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