Archiwalia w Instytucie Polskim i Muzeum im. gen. Władysława Sikorskiego w Londynie

Edward Kołodziej, Archiwalia w Instytucie Polskim i Muzeum im. gen. Władysława Sikorskiego w Londynie, w: Archeion, t. 95, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 1995, ss. 103-116 

"Edward K o ł o d z i e j, Archive materials at The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
in London. The author presented the origin of the Institute going back as far as the
outbreak of the World War II as well as of changing history of Polish diplomatic and
military documentation in the West. A group of scientists, archivists and museum
workers, gathered around colonel Zygmunt Borkowski, the chief of Archives and
Museum Service of the Polish Armed Forces in the West, later on the director of the
Institute for many years, strived for the setting up of the Institute which could take care of
all dissipated civil and military archive materials. The project to set up the Institute was
supported by Władysław Raczkiewicz, the President and Tomasz Arciszewski, the Prime
Minister of the Polish Government in Exile. The General Sikorski Historical Institute was
approved by the Council of Ministers on May 2, 1945. Due to the establishment of the
Provisional Government of National Unity in Poland which was supported by the Soviet
Union and recognized by Allied Nations, some Polish archive materials were brought
home, while the remaining records were scattered since they were subject to their owners ´
individual decisions. The management of the Institute was established in May 1945 and
its archives were supervised by dr Edward Oppman for many years. During the period of
its existence the Institute gradually took over other institutions of a similar character and
the first moment of their unification was the official registration of the institute as
a charity association and the approval of its statute in 1963. It was then given its present
The author discussed the structure and made the review of the contents of the
Archives holdings, pointing out the names of more important fonds. He presented the
procedures and methods of acquiring valuable source documents. He also presented the
guide on holdings published by the Archives."
Źródło: Archeion, t. 95 

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