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Dokument elektroniczny w instrukcji kancelaryjnej
Kajetan Wojsyk, Czy możliwe jest obecnie przygotowanie instrukcji kancelaryjnej uwzględniającej istnienie dokumentu elektronicznego?, w: Archeion, t. 107, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2004, ss. 309-324
"Kajetan W o j s y k , Is it possible to prepare chancery guidelines taking into account the existence ofan electronic document? Dynamic dissemination of systems of the electronic flow of documents, a veryfast growth of electronic data processing techniques and globalisation — and in consequence —specific “deplacing” of information — cause the situation where chancery guidelines, which regulatethe manner of handling paper-based documents, are not capable of referring the same regulations toelectronic records, which may be said to be not explicitly defined yet. Despite of several years ofintensive growth of information science in administration, no legal regulations have yet been developedthat would regulate this area. The existing chancery guidelines — the Regulation of the Council ofMinisters — although amended from time to time, clearly do not keep the pace with the developmentof technologies. It results in various implications — of legal, economic and practical nature. The articleincludes considerations devoted to this problem; it has been written from the point of view of a personwho produces electronic records (with no paper representation), fully aware of the need to take up fastand unhesitating efforts aiming at the preparation of the „future” of an electronic document and theplace of its preservation — electronic archives."      Źródło: Archeion, t. 107 
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