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Zasoby archiwalne w Internecie
Ryszard Wojtkowski. Piotr Zawilski, Korzystanie z zasobów archiwalnych w Internecie - doświadczenia polskich archiwów, w: Archeion, t. 116, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2015, ss. 90-97
"Ryszard Wojtkowski, Piotr Zawilski, Access to Archival Resources via the Internet — theExperience of Polish Archives. The dynamic development of information technology has led to a newperception of the tasks and functions of archives and archivists in an information society. It is becomingincreasingly clear that users expect open access to archival resources and being able to use themvia the Internet.In Poland, those needs are addressed by the Social Capital Development Strategy, which seeksto support the process of digitization, which will enable wide access to the collections of archives,museums, and libraries via the Internet.One of the strategic goals of the “Strategy of the State Archives for 2010–2020”, announced bythe General Director of the State Archives, is satisfying the information needs of the public. The realizationof this goal is made possible by initiatives such as the “Kultura+” Multiannual Programme,whose budget for the years 2011–2015 is PLN 516 million. Funds obtained under the programme areallocated to the development of digitization workshops as well as the digitization of records by thirdparties.Digitization is also one of the priorities of state archives. When allocating additional funds to thatpurpose, the General Director of State Archives indicated that at least 50 percent of the material copiedshould be vital records. This is important in view of the fact that those documents account for almosthalf of the materials accessed in research rooms."   Źródło: Archeion, t. 116  
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