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Archiwa i biblioteki na świecie c.d.
Urszula Kowalczyk, Archiwum Polskiej Misji Katolickiej we Francji, w: Archeion, t. 110, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2010, ss. 145-153
"The Archives of Polish Catholic Mission in FrancePolish Catholic Mission in France was established in 1836 in order to providespiritual and material guardianship over Poles who arrived in France following the collapseof November Uprising.The holdings of the Archives of Polish Catholic Mission in France are dividedbetween 35 archival collections. They contain documents that were created in relationto the activities carried out by the Mission, as well as those of the Polish emigrationorganizations affiliated to the Mission, such as the Association of Polish Veterans inFrance, the Association of Polish Students in France, the Federation of Polish Defendersof the Country or the Polish School in Paris. An important part of the documentationconstitutes the correspondence with the Primate of Poland Józef Glemp in relation to theprotest against the introduction of martial law in Poland. The archives contain in most partorganizational, administrative, personal and financial acts.The most important tasks to be performed in the future is the completion of theprocess of recording the acts of Polish Catholic Mission in France, the organization ofletters of protest to the Primate of Poland and the preparation of homogenous list of actsfor the the Office of the Polish Catholic Mission in France. "     Źródło: Archeion, t. 110 
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