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Elektroniczne archiwa ikonograficzne
Aleksandra Czapelska, Elektroniczne archiwa ikonograficzne w praktyce - doświadczenia i postulaty użytkowników, w: Archeion, t. 107, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2004, ss. 325-332
"Aleksandra Czapelska, Electronic iconographic archives in practice — experience and postulates ofusers. Many institutions of culture which preserve numerous iconographic collections have alreadycompleted the first phase of „entering” the digital society. Parts of or entire collections made available inthe web in the form of graphic files became a generally observed phenomenon. However, new challengesarise, consisting in the arrangement and providing access to digital collections in the most user-friendlymanner, to satisfy possibly the widest circle of users... Users expect visual collections to be searchable notonly according to typical textual metadata entries (based on the information of what, who, where, when),but also otherwise, e.g. with the use of images similar to those „requested” (inquiries to the system mayalso be based on colour, shape or one’s own sketch). Apart from new searching methods, it is also veryimportant to ensure technical quality adequate for a given user, and the completeness of legal information.Being aware of the benefits and limitations of the digital revolution, one should remember that the maingoal for today is not the adjustment to what the information technology has to offer, but the identificationof requirements to make it fully usable by both the heritage protection institutions and their users."     Źródło: Archeion, t. 107 
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