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O naturze i definicji informacji archiwalnej
Wanda Krystyna Roman, O naturze i definicji informacji archiwalnej, w: Archeion, t. 110, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 207-2008, ss. 34-44
"On the Nature and Definition of Archival InformationFor many decades the term of archival information has been defined rather carelesslyand used intuitively, although adequately and in keeping with the needs and discussions.Due to the ambiguity of the term, its use in various contexts is not incorrect, however notall the authors are aware of the multiplicity of its meanings.Even specialists in the field of archiwal information found it difficult to avoid thisambiguity. The intuitive understanding of „archival information” sometimes prevailed,according to which it is defined as information related to the domain of archiving in allits meanings. Defining archival information has not been an easy task mainly due to itscomplex nature. Archival information can be understood as information that functions inthe archival environment, in all archival information systems, and – in its broadest meaning– as primary source material and derivative information, both common and academic(scientific). It is sometimes interpreted as information service. In a more narrow meaning,it is understood as scholarly information that pertains, as specialist information, to thearchival domain. Then, it is the information on archives, on archiving and the content ofarchival holdings. Most often – both in the past and at present, it occurs in connection witha system and is understood as a system of archival information."      Źródło: Archeion, t. 110   
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