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Zbiory Centrum Dokumentacji Zsyłek, Wypędzeń i Przesiedleń
Hubert Chudzio, Anna Hejczyk, Zbiory Centrum Dokumentacji Zsyłek, Wypędzeń i Przesiedleń, w: Archeion, t. 114, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2013
"Hubert Chudzio, Anna Hejczyk, The Collection of the Centre for Documentation of Deportations,Exiles and Displacements. The institution named the Centre for Documentation of Deportations,Exiles and Displacements was established in 2010 as a result of cooperation of the PedagogicalUniversity (PU) with the Małopolskie Voivodship Offi ce (MVO). The project resulted from severalyears’ work of history students of the Pedagogical University being the members of the Scientifi c Associationof PU History Students who carried out the project: “Western Territories as an Example ofthe Migration of Polish, German and Ukrainian People during and after the Second World War” duringthree summer camps in the years 2004 to 2006. As part of the undertaking, young students of history,supervised by experienced staff of the Institute of History of the PU and using a special survey, recordedstories of people displaced after World War II from the former Eastern Borderlands of the SecondPolish Republic to the so-called Recovered Territories.The Centre for Documentation of Deportations, Exiles and Displacements is “a public scientifi c,research and educational institution operating as part of the Pedagogical University of Cracow”. Theaim of the Centre is “to save the stories of residents of the Republic of Poland in its contemporary andformer boundaries who were subject to forced migrations from the time of the Bar Confederation untilCommunist repressions and to popularise the knowledge among school children, students and localsocieties”. The Centre consists of:1. A research unit dealing with documenting forced migration of Polish citizens,2. Museum of Deportations, Exiles and Displacements,3. Library and Archive of Deportations, Exiles and Displacements.However, research missions are only a part of the Centre’s activity. A great signifi cance is alsoattributed to everyday work which consists in documenting stories of residents living in Cracow andits vicinity who experienced forced migrations as well as in undertaking educational activities."     Źródło: Archeion, t. 114 
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