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Opracowanie archiwalne w dobie technologii informatycznych
Wiesława Kwiatkowska, Opracowanie archiwalne w dobie technologii informatycznych - co należy zachować, a co zmienić w dotychczasowej metodyce?, w: Archeion, t. 116, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2015, ss. 291-302
"Wiesława Kwiatkowska, Archival development in the era of information technology. What shouldbe preserved and what should be changed in the existing methodology? This article attemptsto assess the existing methodology which allowed for taking a stance towards goals established bya scientifi c team appointed in December 2013 by the General Director of National Archives, and inparticular towards needs and scope of the document containing unifi ed rules and practices for developmentof archival resources. The Polish archival science has established a “timeless” developmentmodel which was presented in a manual Archiwistyka released in Toruń. Before any system can beestablished, the adaptation of the manual to the requirements of IT systems requires fi rst of all developmentof a standardized archival description model, understood as a structured index of individualelements of description combined into logical blocks used for description at the levels determined bya resource structure. The FOPAR standard for description of Polish archival materials, tailored to thespecifiity of the Polish resource, was proposed 20 years ago by Bohdan Ryszewski. The descriptionof methodical procedures presented in the Archiwistyka manual can be used to implement the objectiveset for the team, and a uniform collection of methodological guidelines concerning rules for developingarchival materials can be created on that basis. It will take into account further developmentof the principle of provenance and its impact on the entire structure of the resource. An even morecomprehensive and unified description of the national standard will replace the existing aids. Detailedstandards for different types of teams and documentation should be developed in accordance with thegeneral methodology."    Źródło: Archeion, t. 116 
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